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Costa Rica engagement - Adri Mendez

Costa Rica waterfall engagement, Mary & Nick

Costa Rica waterfall engagement. One of the most romantic photoshoots this year was Mary and Nick’s couple session, at Bagace’s waterfall, in Guanacaste. He decided to surprise us with his marriage proposal to Mary (I was surprised too, Nick told me 2 minutes before it happened)!

Mary and Nick came to Costa Rica to vacation, wanting a couple’s photoshoot. What Mary wasn’t expecting was that Nick tried to ask her to get married, so he took over the situation, and when we were about to start the photos, Nick told me he was about to propose, and I was like, OMG!

You have no idea how I had to run to find the perfect place without Mary noticing, and using just a look to say to Nick: “This is the moment, do it!”

It was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve had in my career, and how Nick told Mary such cute things, how he got on his knees with the waterfall in the background, and she said YES! After this, we began the engagement photoshoot (because it was not the couple’s anymore, haha) was super easy, both being that happy in Costa Rica, enjoying the waterfall in Guanacaste and talking about the wedding, organizing some details while I was taking more pictures.

We enjoyed the waterfall a lot, and we used the forest part like a river close by; even Nick and Mary got into the waterfall. The water was falling as a spectacular background worked perfectly; also, with this place’s fantastic lighting, everything was incredible!

Mary and Nick. Thanks a lot for trusting my work, and Nick, WOW, she said YES! Congratulations, I wish you guys the best!

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