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Photo shoot in Milan | Erica and Andrea

Photo shoot in Milan

The Warmth of Italy and the Love of Erica and Andrea

Italy is a gorgeous country full of art everywhere. I suffer from the traveler syndrome because of that much beauty, paintings, sculptures, and beautiful decoration; like an Italian girl once told me: “Here any church can be a museum!”; what an excellent opportunity the one of having a couple’s photoshoot with Piero’s twin brother. 

If you want to know who Piero is, check the link to these divine photoshoots with him and Camila. They got married in Costa Rica, and I had the pleasure of being their photographer at their wedding here, and Piero has a twin that lives in Italy, Andrea (yes, just as you thought, they are both Italian, HAHAHA).

One of the places that we visited was Milan, where Erica and Andrea live. They decided to take the chance of having a photoshoot for them in this gorgeous city; a part of being a wedding photographer is to learn how to make quick decisions under lots of pressure, so it was my mission to search for a place that was close, intimate, and pretty. It was because of Erica that she recommended to me this beautiful park, so close to where we all were, and also where they frequently go, so it fitted perfectly to portray something daily alike with a connection to their relationship, yas!

And well, that morning was cloudy, with those gorgeous colors of the Fall, plus the warmth that they had, made this photo shoot a total success; besides, it rained, but only for two minutes, haha, the weather was perfect, it wasn’t something to worry us. Anyways, with or without the rain, a city with all the possibilities was something other than what kept us from continuing.

God! The park was full of divine dogs, and everything was warm, Fall-like, and full of love! I loved it; thanks again, and I hope we see each other soon!

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